Letter Writing and Loss

letterMorning all!

Just a quick update here as I’m off out to the day job all day today, work has been fairly busy this week but I’ve managed to fit in a fair amount of research in the evenings and my day off. The other good thing is that news of my project has started to circulate around town and people are coming forward with more suggestions all the time of who may be able to help with different parts of the town’s history, fantastic!

I have been busy letter writing at all spare moments this week, even during my lunch break at work. One of the things I have heard so often already is ‘speak to Mrs/Mr Bloggs they’ll be able to help, they’re fit and well at the moment but do it soon as they’re not getting any younger.’ The sad truth is that anyone who can help me with first-hand experiences of Lampeter during the war will, of course, be older but the reality of this comment really hit me last week when one of the people recommended to me the previous week sadly passed away a few days later.

This project was started with the intention of trying to save the unwritten memories and stories of my local area during the war before they were lost and now I feel it is even more important than ever that I push on with what I am doing.

So if anyone can help or knows anyone with a story to share about Lampeter and the area during the Second World War please drop me a message I would love to hear from you.

All the best until next time.

Rhian – West Wales at War

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