Hi all and welcome to the site!

I thought I’d start off by introducing myself and explaining a little more about what I am trying to achieve here.

So my name is Rhian, I was born and raised in Felinfach, Ceredigion until the age of 18 when I moved the 6 miles to Lampeter to attend university where I studied Archaeology and Anthropology. Throughout this time I have always had an interest in the Second World War and this has developed into the drive to collect social histories of my area during the war years. Lampeter is a small university town in west Wales surrounded by beautiful countryside, it is peaceful and a long way from anywhere (or so it seems when you don’t drive!)However, for a small town and quiet area I have been discovering more and more curious little snippets about my home during the wartime. Due to the safe location of Lampeter and the Teifi Valley several evacuees were sent here from Liverpool and London to escape the Blitz, arriving in a place so strange to them where a different language was often spoken it must have been daunting for them.

Felinfach played host to a Women’s Land Army Hostel, Highmead House to the American GIs of 112th Infantry Regiment and St David’s College became the wartime home of Wycliffe College from Gloucester.

So much happened in our small area and yet so little has been written about it, with time passing memories and stories of the time are lost and it seems such a shame to lose the areas rich history. My hope is to create a place for people to come and share what they know about the area during the war years and find people who would be willing to help me with my research to produce a book bringing together all the different aspects of the Town and villages’ war.

I will be posting here as often as I can about my progress researching for my book and what I uncover in the process.

So welcome and I look forward to hearing your stories!

Rhian – West Wales at War

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